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Thread: best smart thermostat with geofence??

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    best smart thermostat with geofence??

    Looking at getting a smart thermostat with geofencing, what are your thoughts?

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    The Honeywell lyric T5 has less bad reviews than the Honeywell Lyric. The Lux geo has decent reviews. You could also go with the Ecobee3 and use See more about the Ecobee3 and ifttt in this thread. The ecobee3 also work with homekit

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    I am in Canada. Is that a USA thermostat? But it looks really nice.
    Thank you, have you heard anything about the Honeywell T6 pro? I was looking at the Ecobee3 with Iffttt but it looks like I need to be a computer programmer lol

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    I have not heard anything about the Honeywell Lyric T6 pro. If you are thinking about buying the Lyric T6 pro from a contractor and having the contractor install it you will be good but if you find a place to purchase the Lyric T6 and install it yourself and have a warranty issue you most likely will not get any support from Honeywell because it is a pro model.

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