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Thread: Awoke to find AC shut off and thermostat blank

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    Question Awoke to find AC shut off and thermostat blank

    My AC shut off sometime in the night. I awoke to find the thermostat blank. It is not powered by batteries. The circuit breaker wasn't tripped (I reset it anyway). When I switch the thermostat with one that works from another room, the formally working thermostat does not power up and the formally non working thermostat powers up and works fine. The thermostat is a TC-PAC01-A - COMFORT™ PROGRAMMABLE TOUCH-N-GO® THERMOSTAT

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    This could be a lot of things. Do you know if your indoor air handling unit has a controls voltage fuse? Typically there is a fuse that is the same type as a car fuse like this one. On most units If the door is open on the indoor air handling unit the unit will not run. You could have a blown transformer. The control board could be bad in the indoor air handling unit. If you check this out on your own make sure that you turn the power off before you open anything up. Do you have a electrical meter like this one

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