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Thread: What thermostats are available

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    What thermostats are available

    I have a Trane system with thermostats that continue to fail. the failure is the wifi connection. Wifi is not critical, but I do use the feature for checking outside temperature and weather advisories. Also, I paid for it.

    My HVAC contractor tells me that the comfortlink must be used due to the fact that my house has zoning. I have one unit upstairs with two zones, and one unit downstairs with two zones.

    The claim seems odd to me. I would have expected zoning to be old technology, and if everyone and thier brother is making thermostats (my automation company makes a thermostat; amazon makes thermostats, and amazon's brother alibaba too), then zone control would be a typical feature. Is the claim BS?

    System info
    Trane 4TTR70 XR17 2 stage 17 SEER AC
    TUH2 XL95 2 stage 96% gas furnace
    ComfortLink II zone control

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    regarding the failure: what I have been told is that Trane came back to my HVAC contractor and directed them to just replace the failed thermostats due to a known wifi issue. So I do not suspect my house network.

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