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Thread: Tried to install Nest E Thermostat and now my furnaces wont turn on

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    Tried to install Nest E Thermostat and now my furnaces wont turn on

    Hey All,

    Hoping for some help here. I tried to install two nest thermostats in my up and downstairs. I installed the first one without issue but during the second installation i realized the common wire had never been connected at the furnace. I went ahead and connected the wire at the furnace and then installed the thermostat as normal. After attempting to restart power at the fuse box i am now experiencing an issue -- neither of my furnaces will now turn on. When i looked at the fuse box it appears that the fuses for A/C may have been tripped. I'm assuming i blew a fuse somewhere but i'm not sure where to start and even after disconnecting the C wire at the furnace i can't get either unit to power back up. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    When you say the fuses may have tripped are you saying that breakers may have tripped? Make sure that you have the furnace doors reinstalled. Most units have door switches installed and will not let the unit run if the door is removed. Also there should be a small control fuse in the furnace control panel that is the same as a car fuse that may have blown. If you check for this fuse make sure that you turn the power of to the system before you check the fuse.

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