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Thread: Trying to understand Nest thermostat

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    Trying to understand Nest thermostat

    I have new nest 3 thermostat.
    Im confused by a lot of things. I have contacted their support, and read alot on heir site but some things still seem to be missing from my understanding. Im hoping some users here will be able to help me answer the questions.

    One of the areas I cannot find a any documentation on is what happens when you manually change the thermostat. EG If you turn the thermostat manually/physically from the device its self (which the support person called maintenance mode. (which seemed odd to me ??). The question is if I have a schedule which I have set up when I installed the Therm. then if for example its a late night and I want the heat to stay up past its time when its suppose to go down, what happens. One support person said it will only stay up for 2 hours then go back to the schedule. Another said it will stay at that Temp. until l the next scheduled change. My testing shows that it will stay at that temp until the next scheduled change. Is that the normal behavior? Whats right here. eg. lets say it goes down to 16c at 11pm. What happens if I set it to 20c at 10:30. Also what happens if I set it to 20c at 11:30.

    The Other question I have is regarding Home and away. I read in one of the docs, that if you manually set the thermostat to away from your phone. That it will stay that way untill you go to the app again and set it to home. However today I set it to away when we were out and then when i came home walked in front of it and it came on and switched the app to Home. It seems the documentation I read was wrong or I miss read it?

    Can any fellow nest'er's answer these questions from their experience.
    By the way it looks like Nest use to have a forum but its off line. MMMM is that because of negative things being said or is it really for some maintenance??

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    1 - When you change the temp on the dial it will stay that way until the next scheduled change. If you do it a couple days in a row it will eventually update the schedule thinking you want it that way.
    2 - They changed the Away logic. It used to stay in manual away mode until you reset it. Recent updates changed that so when it detects that you are back home it cancels away mode. That has its pluses and minuses. I think it changed when they added "eco" mode.
    3 - Nest's forums went off line over a year ago. The website software was horrible but there was a lot of good info there from the users. Rumors about why it was shut down have not been substantiated. Nest/Google/Alphabet handled it badly as they just turned everything off rather than providing an archive. Nest did start some semi-public testing of their new forums last month so something should be coming soon.

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    Thanks for your answers. Very helpfull.
    Its frustrating when you get chided by the support person to look on line for the answers at nest and the documentation is wrong.

    Im early on this but I think Im going to be frustrated by the self learning of the thermostat. I could envision that it is going to learn badly with my many comings and goings. So I wonder what percentage of people turn this off. I know I just bought it and Im already thinking about it based on how it works.

    Is there a way to turn the thermostat to a temp and hold it untill I change it?

    I have also noticed that when it is in eco mode that you cannot see what temperature your house is at remotely. Is that true?

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    On the forums I've heard of a few who turned off learning.
    A hold temperature has been asked for quite a bit.
    I haven't paid attention to know if remote temp is shown in eco mode. As you have found both the thermostat and the app are works in progress. At least that means they are still actively working on improvements.

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    Hopefully they will eventually get it right.

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