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Thread: is my honeywell wifi thermostat dead?

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    Question is my honeywell wifi thermostat dead?

    hello, i am back again. i have a honeywell rth6500 wifi.

    i first bought a so-called "new" thermostat from that online auction site, it actually was a dead machine. i had to go to walmart to buy a multi-meter in order to test the voltage, etc.

    so i bought another one online. it worked fine for the last summer. i unplug it after the summer was over.

    i tried to use it again yesterday, it was on instantly for about a few minutes. then it became quiet. i checked it, i was surprised to see that the screen is totally dead. there was no activity at all.

    there was no earthquake, or any shaking, so i doubt that it was due to bad wires.

    i am guessing that it is the machine's problem again! after all, it worked fine for an entire summer. but i am not sure, so i am posting it here.

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    The only way to know for sure is to check and see if the thermostat has 24vac between the R and C terminals. Do you know if the indoor air handing unit has power?

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    when i tried to install the first dead thermostat, i did buy a multi-meter, and tested the wires, they were all working. so i returned the multimeter to walmart afterwards.

    i didn't expect to use it again. i don't have the meter now.

    but as i have stated, it worked perfectly for the entire summer. and it worked for a few minutes just recently. so i am guessing that those wires do have voltage, otherwise, this thermostat won't be able to turn on the heater.

    i have a voltage usage machine, i plug it in, it showed that the entire unit is consuming some voltage even though the thermostat itself is not working. i took off the thermostat from the wall, the voltage reading remains the same.

    1. now if the thermostat is actually not broken, what could have caused the problem? i didn't touch any wires, there was no earthquake. it worked for a few minutes. what are the other possible reasons?

    2. how do thermostats usually stop working? does this scenario fit with the usual death of a thermostat?

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