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Thread: HW RTH6500WF Wifi thermostat app issues

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    HW RTH6500WF Wifi thermostat app issues

    I got a notification that the thermostat wasn't connected to internet however it was showing connected with 4 bars.

    Step I took:

    Turned off thermostat
    Did a reset of my home wireless network
    Reconnected Thermostat and did a reset of WIFI
    Got Connection Successful msg

    Still, when I go on the App (iPhone or website on computer) I have a notification that it isn't connected. ???
    Weird is the fact that from app or website it is displaying the correct temp setting and actual temp settings but all the control buttons are greyed out and I can't control thermostat from app or website. Can't access Thermostat schedule either.

    Otherwise manual control works fine, furnace working fine.

    It has been like this for 2 days now.
    Any idea?

    Thank you


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    maybe you can just re-register it, and see if that works.

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