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Thread: rth9585wf and U1 wire

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    rth9585wf and U1 wire

    We recently built a new house and in preparation I bought a rth9585wf thermostat a few months ago (well before the house was done). I'm finally getting around to installing it and have noticed that it does not have a place to connect a U1 wire. I've done some research and know that the U1 wire is a relay that's used for humidufucation systems or 2 stage cooling system (among other things). So, I went up in the attic to see what it's connected to. I found it's connected to what I think is a Honeywell damper actuator. I'm not sure what exactly it does other than opening and closing a damper, meaning I don't know the benefits or if it could be disabled. But, what are my options? Can I not use this thermostat? I bought it because it works with Smartthings and i got a great deal on it as I work part time at Best Buy. Is there anyway to make it work?

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    Hard to say but damper could be for letting outside fresh air into the house.

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