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Thread: Honeywell RTH9585 WiFi. How much bandwidth is needed for remote monitoring

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    Honeywell RTH9585 WiFi. How much bandwidth is needed for remote monitoring

    I have installed a Honeywell RTH9585WF1004/W thermostat in my Florida winter home, and registered it with the Honeywell Total Connect server. It works fine, and I can see and monitor the thermostat remotely. I do not leave my cable Internet connected over the summer when I am not there. However, I still want to monitor the temperature and humidity in the house. I have access to a cell based hotspot device. I was wondering if this would work for just checking the thermostat every week or so. So, the question is; how much data does the thermostat relay to the Honeywell Total Connect server? Does it update the Honeywell server all the time? Any information would be helpful. The hotspot device is pretty cheap if I can keep the monthly data amounts down below 1 GB, but would get expensive if it starts to rise.

    Is there a way to have the thermostat only update the server less frequently?

    Thanks, Roger

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    Good questions that I think only Honeywell can fully answer.

    From what I have seen the thermostats communicate just about every minute but use very little data. A hotspot would probably be fine and use less than 100MB for the month.
    What most do is make nice with their neighbors and connect to their wireless when gone.

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