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Thread: OOps I think I broke our Trane Central AC(sorted the G and common pins)

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    OOps I think I broke our Trane Central AC(sorted the G and common pins)

    I was probing for voltages when I accidentally clipped an alligator clip to the G and touched a few other pins to see which one turned the fan on. Its a trane baysta239A that goes to a large unit in the attic and a separate radiator outside. Its an old fashioned type mercury slider that is strange seeing this house sold for 1.1M a few years ago. We have another model that powers the 1st floor AC and works fine. I was poking around with an alligator clip because I though I could hard wire the fan from "auto " to on" as someone that lives here is old and messes with that switch because they don't know how to work it and have some problems with learning. So I touched "G" and one of the three common on the bottom (I can post a pic if that helps but its pretty basic). I thought these things were pretty robust. Did I cook a diode? Where does this box go into the attic? I'm trying to avoiding oing up there in july.

    Last year the AC broke and we traced it to a faulty cap on the outside fan/radiator thing. I was a metal cap the size of a soup can. We ere having issues before I poked it with the aligator clip but it just came back on by it self.

    EDIT I Figured out to post a pic. I connected from a the G pin to the "common"? pins in the bottom right. The AC was off when I was testing so I'm not sure when I broke it.
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    Can at not post pics as a new member? Maybe I can host it somehow.

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    The Baystat 239 thermostat was very popular for a long time.

    G to R would force the fan on 24x7

    It does sound like you blew a fuse - normally located in the air handler in the attic. Should be an automotive blade style 3 or 5 amp. If you don't want to go into the attic then you are going to have to call someone to go up there.

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