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Thread: Nest Gen 2 overheating

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    Nest Gen 2 overheating

    I have 4 Nest thermostats in my restaurant. The hallway thermostat set at 72, is constantly sensing it is 81 and is always call calling for AC. Took an infrared and the back of the thermostat was reading 90. Nest said that the unit is most likely over working looking for Wi-Fi and is overheating but the Wi-Fi it is connected to shows plenty of signal at the thermostat. As they suggested I swapped thermostats and the same problem occurred. The thermostat controls a rooftop unit is there any possibility there is a problem communicating with that unit causing overheating. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you

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    There could be a draft from behind the Nest that is causing the issue. Remove the Nest from the wall and let it hang and see if the Nest starts to measures the temperature correctly. If the Nest starts to read correctly make sure that you seal the hole up behind the Nest around the thermostat wire.

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