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Thread: Wifi and battery issue

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    Wifi and battery issue

    Hi All,

    This is a little strange and wanted to see if someone can fill me on this.. I set a DHCP reservation for the nest on the router and everything looks good meaning from my laptop to the nest the ping replies are perfect no loss. I am getting about 1 to 2 ms response time..

    The thing that is bothering me is that when nest screen is on the nest is accessible via the web meaning that the ping response time go a high. Once the screen turns off into power saving mode the ping response from the laptop to the nest may drop about 3 to 4 pings then return with no time outs and work fine with replies.

    Also when I was troubling shooting with customer service couple days back they has me reboot the nest and do a couple hard reset. the battery is currently at 3.86 3.87. Do you think this is what is causing the nest to act like this.. I do have a common wire on there. Not when I shut the wireless off and I look after about 15 minutes or so I do see that the battery is charging by it going up to 3.92 and so on.

    What do you think could be the issue..

    I am getting ping responses from the laptop to the nest no problem when the screen is off and when I go the web it is not update and sometimes there is a ?. I am all confused now..

    When it calls for heat it is updating so its not like its completely dead in the water just not turning the screen on when I change the temp online like it did before. Not sure why

    Thanks for your help once again.

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    Are you 100% sure the common is connected on furnace side?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Servicetech View Post
    Are you 100% sure the common is connected on furnace side?
    Yes i am.. I worked with the customer service rep to connect both ends. I had a extra blue wire so i connect this to the C terminal on the gas furnace board and then on the nest i connected to the c terminal and confirmed it on the equipment and it shows up as 24v common wire.

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    Are you certain there are no splices in the thermostat wire? I've seen where HVAC contractors will only splice the 4 wires they need and leave the blue disconnected. Have you confirmed 24v between Red and Common at the thermostat backplate?

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