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Thread: Curtailing hotels energy costs with Honeywell Inncomm thermostat

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    Curtailing hotels energy costs with Honeywell Inncomm thermostat

    Hotels are lowering their energy cost with Honeywell Inncomm thermostats. Energy is the lodging industry's second greatest operating cost, with the biggest energy hogs being heating, cooling and lighting. Honeywell bought privately held Inncom 16 months ago. Since the Inncomm acquisition Honeywell has been rapidly increasing the sales of Inncomm thermostats. Inncomm by Honeywell's energy management solutions range from low-cost, standalone products to advanced, centrally controlled systems that can include lighting and drape controls. A typical standalone application would include a wall mounted thermostat that has an integrated motion sensor and wireless door contact. If there is no motion detected in the room the Inncomm thermostat will switch to the unoccupied set point after an adjustable time period. If the wireless door contact indicates that the patio door has been left open the Inncomm thermostat will shut the HVAC unit off. The Inncomm thermostat also has the ability to control the room lights and drape controls. For a centrally controlled systems a computer system is added and can be anywhere in the hotel. The frontend computer is able to wirelessly communicate to the hotel room thermostat using a mesh wireless system.

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    So when the occupants go to sleep the HVAC system shuts off due to lack of detected motion? IMHO I think it would be better to tie the units to the room key card. If the room is not rented out shut off the HVAC system.

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