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Thread: Honeywell RTH9580 Temperature calibrate

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    Unhappy Honeywell RTH9580 Temperature calibrate

    RTH9580 wifi thermostat
    So I bought a new Honeywell RTH9580 WiFi thermostat. Love it, but having a issue with the temperature. I still have my old White Rogers thermostat sitting above it. The old thermostat reads 64 degrees the new one reads 66. Its def. not 66 in here its 64. I've tried adjusting the temp set points but cannot get it to match the old thermostat. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Is the hole behind the thermostat sealed? There may be a draft coming from the hole.

    There is some information in this thread regarding the temperature reading issue.

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    Not saying there isn't a problem with the Honeywell RTH9580 since I initially experienced issues and it still has some little quirks, but how do you know the White Rogers is right? While the Honeywell says it is accurate to +/- 1 degree, what is the White Rogers accurate to? If the White Rogers is also +/- 1 degree that means you could technically have a difference of 2 degrees and be within specifications on both units. Also, most digital household thermometers are usually only accurate within 1.8 degrees unless you spend a good amount of money on a super accurate one. So in that case, comparing a household thermometer to the Honeywell could show a difference of 3 degrees between the two and still be right.

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