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Thread: Nest thermostat- The schedule learning stat

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvactechfw View Post
    The problem with this is that it will evaporate any condensate in the drain pan and put humidity back into the home which you do not want to do in the cooling season.
    I think the idea behind "airwave" is a some sort of blower delay to get the residual cooling out of the ductwork. Most furnaces have a blower delay built in, not sure how useful this feature is.. Running a 500W or so blower for more than a 2 minutes after the compressor shuts off doesn't accomplish anything other than to raise the humidity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Servicetech View Post
    How does Nest use the humidity sensor to compensate for humidity? Does it auto adjust the setpoint based on humidity levels? Or is the humidity sensor just used for the airwave feature?
    As far as I know Nest has not released any information on the algorithm for the humidity compensation.

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    Perhaps with future software updates on the Nest thermostat they will include more uses. They added airwave already. Using the AUX as a humidifier or Dehumid output would be cool. Most thermostats with humidity sensors built in can do this.

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