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  1. ecobee integrates with IFTTT for a more connected home

    Today ecobee announced the launch of the ecobee channel on With IFTTT you can you can start connecting your favorite web services to your ecobee thermostat – no programming required. Two...
  2. Venstar ColorTouch Firmware 3.12 Update

    Venstar has released a new firmware update 3.12. The update includes new updated runtime graphics and bandwidth saving features as well as temperature and humidity email alerts.

    Venstar T7900...
  3. EverSense GPS Wi-Fi thermostat now available on Amazon


    EverSense is a Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat featuring patented Proximity Control Technology to make life easier, greener, and more energy efficient. Combined with the free EverSense mobile...
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    Emerson / White Rodgers Wifi thermostat

    Currently Emerson White Rodgers does not offer a Wifi thermostat. Next year (2014) White Rodgers plans to have a Wifi thermostat. No specific date has been given as to when it'll be released. The...
  5. Honeywell RTH9580wf Wifi thermostat now available on Amazon

    The Honeywell RTH9580wf Wifi thermostat is now available on Amazon.

  6. Venstar adds supply air alert feature

    Venstar has added a new supply air alert feature to its colortouch residential thermostats T5900 and commercial T6900 thermostats.

    The supply air alert feature sends an email alert to the...
  7. Patent Issued for Thermostat with Utility Messaging

    Summary of this patent:
    The present disclosure pertains generally to thermostats that are adapted to assist utilities in communicating with its customers. In particular, the present disclosure...
  8. Massachusetts programmable thermostat mail in rebate

    Receive a $25 mail-in rebate on the purchase of a Programmable Thermostat or receive a $100 rebate for the purchase of a Wi-Fi Thermostat!

    This rebate is from Gas networks / Berkshire Gas,...
  9. Honeywell RTH9590WF1003/U Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

    Introducing Honeywell’s new Wi-Fi smart thermostat with voice control. Simply use one of the pre-programmed commands to tell the thermostat which action you’d like it to perform, and your thermostat...
  10. Geolocation app adjust the heat when you leave the house

    A German company named Tado has produced a smartphone app that adjusts your heating system set point based on where you and your cell are.

    A key element of Tado is a small box connected to your...
  11. Curtailing hotels energy costs with Honeywell Inncomm thermostat

    Hotels are lowering their energy cost with Honeywell Inncomm thermostats. Energy is the lodging industry's second greatest operating cost, with the biggest energy hogs being heating, cooling and...
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    Amazon adds Home Automation section

    Amazon has added a new area to its web site dedicated to home automation. The Amazon home automation section is divided into three section

    Link to Amazon home automation web page

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    Venstar thermostat added features

    #thermostat #Venstar has added real-time weather and remote firmware upgrades via its Skyport Cloud Service to its ColorTouch touchscreen, programmable thermostats. For new ColorTouch thermostats,...
  14. Comcast new energy focused services Xfinity Home

    #thermostat Comcast has added some new energy focused services to its digital home product Xfinity Home, highlighting a new way to make homes more efficient: buy it from your cable company. Comcast...
  15. Strong demand for HVAC thermostat shipments

    #thermostat Recent research from IMH Research shows that there will be strong demand for HVAC thermostat shipments through 2017. The research shows that the Asian market is expected to rise at a...
  16. TheDriversLab's Control4...

    TheDriversLab's Control4 driver is available for the ecobee Smart thermostat is a two-way Driver that gives you full control over your home's temperature anytime, anywhere with personalized...
  17. Ecobee Smart SI Thermostats now compatible with SCE

    #ecobee #thermostat Ecobee announced today that the smart Si thermostat with ZigBee smart energy profile (SEP) is now compatible with Southern California Edison's (SCE) advanced metering...
  18. Control4 Corp (CTRL) is now on the NASDAQ

    #control4 #thermostat Control4 offers the ultimate home automation solution by making the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating...
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    Honeywell energy savings calculator

    #thermostat Honeywell has added a energy savings calculator to their website that calculates savings base on installing a programmable thermostat in your home.

    There are five...
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