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Thread: Hunter 44668 temperature setting help

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    Hunter 44668 temperature setting help

    Hi all, I am new to this site, I have an Hunter model 44668 thermostat for about a year now and have a hard time setting my temperatures. I tried to set my weekday and weekend temperature and can't seem to get the setting temperature to go cooler than 74. I have 4 different time settings and at 1-3 ( time: 6AM, 9AM and 4PM) all set at 74 which it the coolest it will go down and on my 4th (time: 10PM) is set at 75 degree and it won't allow me to set any temperature cooler. I would like to keep my house at 72 with our baby because at 75 is too hot here in Louisiana. Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated

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    What is your heating set points set at? The cooling set point cannot be set lower then the heating set point. Your thermostat is covered under the same manual as the Hunter 44660. There is a link to the manual in this thread.

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