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Thread: Nest Wiring with Climatemaster Water Source Heat Pump

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    Nest Wiring with Climatemaster Water Source Heat Pump


    I'm trying to correctly wire a nest for a Climatemaster Water Source Heat Pump Model GRH024BGC30CLSS

    The system is your basic mid/high rise with an evaporative condenser & hot water boiler depending on which season we're in. My wife recently bought a nest, and I'm trying to install it but things don't seem quite right. When I attached the white (below) into the OB terminal, the nest says it's on the heat pump, but it doesn't seem like it's cooling correctly, the air doesn't seem cool coming out of it, and sometimes the condenser kicks on but the fan doesn't... So my thought is it's not working right as sometimes the condenser kicks on, but not the fan or the solenoid which opens up the closed loop condenser water.

    I've got 4 wires to work with, one is red- common wire

    The others
    Green-triggers furnace fan
    Blue- Starts condenser motor
    White- Unsure, but sounds like a solenoid clicking on

    Is the nest compatible with this type or do I just need to install it and let it do it's thing? 3rd gen?

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    Can you tell us what the manufactures name and model is of the existing thermostats?

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