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Thread: trane xl824 ventilation control

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    trane xl824 ventilation control

    I recently had an xl824 installed by the dealer. It works fine except for one thing. I have a whole house ventilation system and I don't want it to operate at outside temp less than 40 deg or more than 85 deg. The xl824 is supposed to do this. It does not work! The 824 will control the ventilation system for the amount of runtime (e.g. 10 minutes of every hour), but it will NOT turn it off if the temperature is above the selected temp. I have it set for 85 and recently the outside temp was 95 but the ventilator still ran. the dealer has checked the connection and configuration and does not see anything wrong. I tried to report this to Trane, but they won't listen to me. Supposedly the dealer has reported it, but nothing seems to be happening.

    I was wondering if anyone else has used this feature and can give me a clue as to what is wrong. I and the dealer have tried changing every configuration item that relates to this in any way and nothing will make it work. Any clues?
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