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Thread: Honeywell Lyric T5 with G2 and G3 terminal

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    I have the same Thermostat as you, with the same wiring. I also live in a condo in toronto. Were you able to set up and get the Ecobee working with G1, G2, G3... Low, Med, AUTO, fan options? I was live chatting with an Ecobee rep today. And they said it couldn't be done. I also talked with a Nest rep, who said there product would work with Pro installation... Ugg..

    Let me know how it all worked out for you,


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    Thanks so much for your help guys.

    I setup the Ecobee last night and everything went (mostly) well. The only issue was that my Y wire (for cooling, I believe) was not showing up as connected on the Ecobee, even though connected. This Y wire was also connected on my old thermostat. The heating is working perfectly fine.

    The Fan Coil unit in my apartment is not a Whalen, but this: (Model E39 LZE). I rent in a condo that had people moving in only in December 2016, and I suspect they switch between heating and cooling depending on time of the year ( I live in Canada), so one possibility is that the cooling hasn't been centrally switched on at all.

    What I'm confused about is this - is my reasoning for the Y wire issue correct or is there something wrong with the Y wire? (which means the fan coil unit has to be opened). Is it a normal practice to centrally control it this way, or is my assumption completely illogical?

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    For Nest they always recommend a professional coming to do the installation if it is anything other than simple heat/cool.

    Here are the "pro" instructions for the Gen 3 to handle 3 speed fan connections. Won't work with Nest E.

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