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Thread: Problems with RTH9580WF

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    I did not think I had a heat pump and set it up as such. The compressor is on the roof of the building and so I have never seen it. I guess then that would be the problem.

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    Hey folks, I'm back at trying to install the 9580 again and this time, since I did my research, I found out that I do have a heat pump system (DUH)! So, I wired the 9580 all up according to the heat pump guide and the system worked for a few hours and then it stopped blowing cold air even though it was set to be running. The system check on the thermostat said that the cooling was on. I checked all of my circuits in the condo and nothing had popped. I am almost done with all of the fancy technology and just might go back to the stupid, cheap carrier thermostat, UGH! Here are the pics of my current wiring, any help will be greatly appreciated and if your close to Ocean City Maryland, I'll pick up the drinks if you can get the 9580 to work right!!! Thanks!!!Click image for larger version. 

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    Your wiring look correct but it looks like the C terminal is broken on the 9580.

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    I would've thought the same but I believe the plastic piece that covers the wire came off....I'll just have to try it again. I guess there is the small possibility that the thermostat could be defective. Thank you for your response.

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    Check for continuity between the visible bare end of the C wire and the C solder pad on the circuit board

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