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Thread: Nexia 824 animated icons stopped working

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    Nexia 824 animated icons stopped working

    I removed my Nexia 824 to plug the hole in the wall as described in tommyd's post titled XL824 Runs AC Continuously Starting at 9-9:30 PM. After reinstalling the thermostat, the system works fine, but the fan icon no longer spins when the fan is running, and the cooling waves no longer wave when AC is running. I unplugged the thermostat when the system was idle, but the fan may have been running (probably should have turned off power at the furnace before unplugging thermostat). Could that have knocked out my animations?

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    I did nothing to my Nexia 824 thermostat. One day the animated icons just stopped working. This is the only site I’ve found via Google search that might give some info on this.

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    I am experiencing the same thing.
    Yesterday I replaced the thermostat that was exhibiting the problem with an old one that has not been used for almost a year.
    Icons back to working!!!
    Then today they stopped working again on the replacement thermostat.
    So I looked at the firmware version of the two where the icons don't work and another old one I have.
    Guess what - They updated the thermostat firmware recently and broke it !!!
    I will send an email to my local Trane dealer asking them to inform Trane that the firmware update broke the thermostat.

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    Not that misery loves company, but it's good to know this isn't just a personal problem. My replacement arrived today, and seeing the replies, I'm prepared for disappointing results. One will be returned for credit, so my only cost is time... being retired, I have plenty of that to spare.

    Update: I just installed the replacement, and it works fine, including animated fan and cooling icons. Device and firmware is as follows.
    Model: ACONT824AS52AD (American Standard version)
    Release version 3.1
    Build 1454416839
    I don't know if American Standard and Trane FW are different.
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    Had my local dealer contact Trane / Nexia about this issue. Here is the response from Trane / Nexia:

    "You will see some changes made to the Nexia 824 Controller Home Screen. The wave animation that indicates the unit is on and the rotating fan animation has been discontinued. This was done to increase control response and does not effect the use of the thermostat. "

    Apparently Trane / Nexia now thinks that the thermostat processor does not have enough performance to perform the animations AND calculate temperature change simultaneously. Since I have a two speed system and the speed of the spinning fan icon was used to indicate if the system was in low or high power mode, I asked my local dealer to ask Trane / Nexia how one can now easily see that on the thermostat. Maybe they will have to add the words "Low" and "High" somewhere.

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    I too have a variable speed fan and think it's a poor decision to remove the spinning fan. I just noticed outdoor temp reading on the home screen doesn't match the weather screen after updating the zip code from default to local. Also, the home screen indoor humidity reading is way off, but the reading shown when tapping it is correct.

    Update: restarted system and all home screen displays look good. However, am very concerned about losing the animated fan icon (don't care about cooling and heat icons). Given that I don't use the Z-Wave bridge, if they remove the animated fan icon, I could find a much cheaper thermostat to do everything I care about.

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