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Thread: Radiators don't heat up in colder rooms

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    Radiators don't heat up in colder rooms

    Hello Everyone,
    First of all you should know that I recently moved to a new home which is fitted with a boiler and radiators for heating (this the first time that i'm using such system for heating). I'll try to summarize the "problem" in short.
    I have a wall thermostat in the living room and trvs on the radiators on each of the four radiators in the 2 bedrooms, living room and the bathroom. The wall thermostat is Honeywell CM707 and the tvrs are also honeywell. So when i turn on the boiler for heating and the wall thermostat is set to a temperature above the temp. in the living room all radiators get warm and everything works well.
    The problem ->below
    When the living room reaches the set temperature by the wall thermostat the boiler stops warming the radiators in all rooms. So the living room is warm, but the rest are still cold. I'd think that the radiator in the living room should get colder to maintain the temperature set, but the other radiators should continue to be warm to heat up the bedrooms (isn't that the function of the trvs?). In other words, if the living room is warm, the boiler won't heat up the rest of the radiators in the other rooms, and I can't control the temperature in these rooms. I can't control the temperature in the different zones.
    I've checked the trvs and it seems that the thermostatic pins are ok.
    Do you have any suggestions why the boiler don't heat up the radiators in the bedrooms and the bathroom when the temperature set by the wall thermostat is reached in the living room?

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    Are you able to trace the wiring and provide a wiring diagram?

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