As back ground I have been in the computer industry for over 43 years working exclusively as an engineer for US based IT manufacturers and laterally even in the IOT area and yet I am sometimes frustrated by the industries desire to reinvent the wheel!!

This was made very apparent to me recently when I decided I wanted to replace my aged analog heating time switch with an internet controlled switch in my holiday home in Ireland.

The system I want to replace is a simple single zone system with no thermostats and no seperate hot water system and all I want to do is to turn it on before I leave home and have timed setting while I am there and turn it off when I leave.

However it appears that the Smart Thermostat manufacturers are convinced that what the world needs is for the heat to be "always on" and controlled exclusively based on desired background temperature.

Am I missing something or is there an app with the necessary wifi controlled time switch that allows multiple daily timed on/off periods with the ability to turn the system off when I deem it necessary.

Sorry for the rant, but I studied Hive, Nest, Tado and a number of others and all of them appear to be forcing us to abandon a well proven system in order to promote unproven "greenness".

Sorry for the rant !!