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Thread: Convert VisionPRO IAQ to WiFi

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    Convert VisionPRO IAQ to WiFi

    I have a 3 zone, reverse cycle HVAC system. It is a ThermoPride system and the furnace is propane. I want to upgrade the thermostats for WiFi operation. I recently replaced the two slave VisionPRO TH8000 Series thermostats with RTH9580 WiFi thermostats and they work fine. However, the primary thermostat is a VisionPRO IAQ with only three wires. It interfaces to a VisionPRO IAQ EIM. I am using an EWC Controls BMPlus 3000 Zone Control System for zone operation. I also have a Honeywell HM700A1000 Electrode Steam Humidifier operated by the system. The system has an exterior temperature sensor hooked up.

    From my limited research it appears I can not use a RTH9580WiFi thermostat to replace the primary VisionPRO IAQ thermostat. For ease of operation I would like to keep the replacement thermostat as close as possible to the RTH9580WiFi. It looks like the closest solution is as follows:

    Thermostat YTHX9421R5085SG
    Redlink Gateway THM6000R1002
    Replace current EIM with a Redlink EIM YTHM5421R1010
    Replace outdoor sensor C7089R1013

    Is this correct, and is it the only Honeywell WiFi solution? I already have most of the ports on my router populated and would rather not use a Redlink Gateway for this one thermostat.

    Also, when I tried to price above items it said the thermostat was discontinued in 2015, but it still shows up on the Honeywell site as well as this forum. This is confusing

    Any help or direction would be appreciated.

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    I will start off and say that your HVAC system is about as complex as is gets for a residential HVAC system. Have you seen our wifi thermostat buyers guide page? There is a section for Honeywell Pro Prestige IAQ thermostat on the buyers guide page. There is a link to this one on Amazon that may fit your setup.

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