I have a Trane XL 824 thermostat and a Trane S9V2 100,000 BTU two stage furnace. I was assuming the second stage would only come on when it couldn't keep temp up using the first stage during very cold weather. Checking the logs from the thermostat, it appears that the second stage always comes on first thing in the morning for an hour or so. Thinking about this I am wondering if it is reacting to the six degree difference between night setting (65 degrees) and the day setting (71 degrees). Having said that, could I eliminate (or at least minimize) the second stage action by setting the warm up period to increase by two or three degrees instead of six? In other words, going from 65 to 67 at 5:00 AM, 67 to 69 at 6:00 AM and finally 71 at 7:00 AM. Or perhaps from 65 to 68, then 68 to 71 in two steps.

Any thoughts? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Thanks in advance