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Thread: Nest Thermostat Bryant 80V Furnace and Bryant 265A (Air Conditioner)

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    Nest Thermostat Bryant 80V Furnace and Bryant 265A (Air Conditioner)

    Hey, I've read through the forums looking for some answers to my questions. I've found guidance but not for my specific situation.

    Hope you guys/gals are able to help me out if you have some time.

    I received a Nest Gen 3 Tstat as a gift and have been chasing down a solution ever since.
    I would like the functionality of the Nest but due to my HVAC being a proprietary system (ABCD wires) I ran into the common road block it seems other have hit. I'm very comfortable with wiring and boards but don't have any background in HVAC systems. I'm hoping for some guidance which wires/terminals I need to make the system function with the nest.
    I'm using a Bryant Plus 80V Furnace
    Model: CNPVP3617ALAAAAA

    Bryant AC unit outside:
    Model: 265ANH030

    I've attached pictures of both wiring setups. The AC unit is where I'm unsure what I need to hook up. The available terminals are R, C, Y, W2 and O. I believe it should like this....
    Tstat to Furnace
    W, G, Y, R, Com
    Furnace to AC
    Y, Com, (R?)

    Can any of you pros tell me what wires I need to run the system? Thanks in advance!
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    The furnace model number you listed is not the furnace model number, it's the evaporator coil model. The actual furnace model number is probably on a tag inside the furnace cabinet.

    You don't have an air conditioner, you have a heat pump. It's a variable speed model.

    Judging from the way things are currently wired and the fact it has a "com" and "status" LED, you have a system that uses serial communication, not traditional 24v control. The Nest is not compatible with your system.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll take your advice and try to recoup some of the thermostat cost. I would love to know who wired the house and labeled the wires with the traditional labels (hence why I went ahead and bought the Nest). Oh well, Thanks again!

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