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Thread: HoneyWell 9580 Heat Pump Issue

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    HoneyWell 9580 Heat Pump Issue

    Hi, new member.
    Could someone please help me with the wiring for my new thermostat. I have wired thermostats for traditional furnaces, but never a heat pump system. It is stumping me. I am including pictures for help as well, it is hard to see from the pic, but e is jumped to aux on the old thermostat. I just need to know exactly which wires go where. Most importantly the e-aux. Pics include old thermostat wiring, and new thermostat. Thanks in advance.
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    Existing Red RC = 9580 RC
    Existing Blue C = 9580 C
    Existing Green G = 9580 G
    Existing yellow Y = 9580 Y
    Existing orange O/B = 9580 W O/B
    Existing white E = 9580 W2 aux/E

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    Thanks for the response! That is the exact wiring I had and it all seemed fine until the Aux. head kicked on. When the aux. heat kicked on it shut the whole system off including the thermostat and I had to reset the breaker to get it working again. Triple checked the wiring and it was wired correctly, any idea what could cause that?

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    Hopefully by now, ... You've got a Service Company.

    To just wire up a T-stat & then blow the Breaker for the Unit, .... Something Catastrophic has happened, & it may have been an issue just waiting to happen.

    But, I've never , ever wired a T-stat, energized it, & then had the Breaker for the unit blow.

    But, I have blown many a low voltage fuse that protects the board.

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