I have had two nest 2nd gen thermostats and 2 nest protects since June 2016. Until couple of weeks ago everything was fine. Then things went crazy.

1) I noticed that the app would not show that I was home, but the temp control on the dial was for home settings. Called support they could not figure out what was going on and left the issue unresolved. Tech verified all the settings and everything was ok as far as the settings. Also, restarted the thermostats. Don't understand what happened here, anyone with similar experience, please share.

2) I called support again with the same issue and they asked me to reset the home/away function on the thermostat via the dial. I did that and now the thermostats do not switch to away mode at all. This has been going on for about 4 days. I call support and all they can say is everything is fine.

3) Mysteriously my schedule is completely erased from both the thermostats.

I have checked that the phone is reporting my location as not being home. I have reinstalled the app. I am out of ideas.
Any help regarding this would be great.