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Thread: what kind of fuse is this?

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    Question what kind of fuse is this?

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    so i finally hired a thermostat technician to come and help me with this thermostat's problem. it turned out that it was due to this fuse.

    if i knew that it was this fuse, i would have changed it myself. it is so easy to do!

    anyway, can anyone tell me the name of this type of fuse? so i can find more information about it, etc.


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    In-line fuse. Used to be common in automotive installations.

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    I'd replace the fuse holder to accept a standard 3A blade fuse.

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    Preppy stud,

    The Fuse should be fine, as long as the amperage of the fuse doesn't exceed the VA rating of the Systems transformer. The actual rating of the "Tranny"/ Transformer should be on the Transformer, & if not, ... If You contact the Manufacturer of your Unit, & give them the Model# & Serial number, they'll be able to provide you with the proper Fuse Size.

    One problem is, to the best of my knowledge... That Fuse/ Fuse Holder, didn't come with your Unit, ... Someone , for whatever reason put that there, after it was installed

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    thanks for the answers.

    1. how much does a fuse cost ? the technician charged me $80 to replace it, of course, he had to check other places to make sure that it wasn't due to other problems, etc. is that a normal price?

    2. he replaced it with a total black one. the white one somehow melted. he told me that it was a cheap one. how much does a black fuse cost usually? it is not transparent.


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