I am purchasing a home in a couple weeks that has a very complicated heating system. The house has in-floor heat throughout the basement to heat the whole house. It also has a backup forced air system. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1582 I attached a diagram as well. There are 3 thermostats in the basement. 1 controls the west end of the in floor heat, 1 controls east end of in floor heat, and the 3rd controls the forced air in the basement. On the main floor there is 1 thermostat that controls the forced air for the main floor, 1 just to control the master bath heated floor (not a big concern). Lastly the upper floor has one thermostat for the forced air.

My question is that I would like to use a smart system nest, ecobee, etc... Can I use one of these systems? Also do I need to buy 5 thermostats to do this? Is there a better system maybe honeywell? Lastly do any of these systems hand the radiant heat the best? I know ecobee and nest say they have settings to help with over heating and the delay of a radiant system.

Any help is appreciated!