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Thread: Changing from Manual Thermostat to Digital

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    Changing from Manual Thermostat to Digital


    I had an old Sigma Manual Thermostat which is too old, I bought "Honeywell Thermostat T6861 Vertical - 220V Non Programmable" to change it.
    I checked the connection diagram from old one, which 5 Cables "Red for L" - "Green for N" - " Blue for Low Fan" - "Yellow for Medium Fan" - "Black for High Fan"
    I checked the new Honeywell Thermostat diagram, then I disconnect electricity, after that I connect cables as in the diagram and turned on electricity and it worked.
    On/Off = WORKING
    Fan mode Low, Medium and High = WORKING
    Temperature changing = WORKING
    Mode change = WORKING

    The only issue after I setup and installed everything the A/C is not cold at all as its only on fan, I tried to keep it on for hours its the same, I made sure temperature set to 18c or less, Mode Cool and Fan High, still its not cooling.
    I installed the old thermostat again and its cooling!!!!
    What I'm missing here? I need help to setup this properly

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    Is this a fan coil/4 pipe system?

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