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Thread: 2gig CT100 Thermostat with Trane HVAC

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    2gig CT100 Thermostat with Trane HVAC


    I'm new to wiring up thermostats and ran into a problem. I just got a 2gig CT100 smart thermostat and presently my HVAC unit is a Trane. My dilemma is I can't get the heat to kick on.

    My previous thermostat wiring has 5 wires. The orange wire was hooked up to O/B, yellow wire was hooked up to Y, red wire was hooked up to RH (RH and RC are jumped together), green wire was hooked up to G, and finally the brown (could be white) wire was hooked up to W/AUX.
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    The thermostat instruction which gave me gave me a pretty good understanding of how to complete this, however, after hooking it up I noticed that the heat will not kick on. The thermostat will click when it senses that the temp was below what was set but it doesn't turn on the heat. I tested individually turning on the fan and that was good. The AC also works with no problem. Here is the a shot of the instructions:
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    So far I've tried hooking the orange wire that was in the old thermostats O/B block to both O and B but I still can't get the heat to kick on. I noticed in particular these instructions:
    B -- B Heat pump changeover (cool to heat, powered in heat)
    O -- O Heat pump changeover (heat to cool, powered in cool)
    B and O IMPORTANT: If there are both B and O wires (Trane pump products) DO NOT CONNECT B to B terminal, connect B to C terminal.

    But I noticed on the next page:
    Trane Products [American Standard]
    B -- C 24VAC power (to power thermostat)
    X2 -- Emergency heat (do not connect, tape off)

    Possibly the wire that was in O/B needs to go to the C (which I was under the impression that the C wire was the 24 volt power supply) I do not presently have a multi-meter to test. I've attached the CT100 PDF guide link to this thread as well.

    Any feedback would be extremely appreciated.
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