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Thread: Honeywell 9000 series wifi no C wire, A/C only

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    Honeywell 9000 series wifi no C wire, A/C only


    I have purchased a Honeywell 9000 series thermostat and want to add this to my Smartthings environment. I have 3 of these already in my zoned heating. THis one will only be used for central air. When I look at the present thermostat there are only a green, red and yellow wire not attached to any 'C' terminal. From what I have read the thermostat needs a 'C' so am I oput of luck here? Running a wire just for 'C' is not an option I want to take.

    Should I get a different 'stat? Ecobee? TIA

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    You have a few options while keeping the Honeywell. Assume current green is G, red is R, and yellow is Y
    1 - Move green to C at thermostat and zone controller - you may need jumper at zone board between G and Y.
    2 - Install a common maker - or
    3 - Run a new cable.

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