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Thread: Nest Thermostat temp swing and other flaws

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    Nest Thermostat temp swing and other flaws

    I purchased two Nest Learning Thermostats several weeks ago and was immediately frustrated by the temperature swing. My old ďdumbĒ thermostat let me adjust the temp differential (or maintenance band), so I was shocked that the Nest Thermostat didnít. Itís just fixed at 1į. But, a 2į temp swing just isnít comfortable at all in my house and with our climate.

    I did a bunch of searching and saw that itís been an ongoing complaint for years, and all Nest seems to say is that theyíll pass it along to their team.

    I was about to return them, but being a web/app developer, I decided Iíd just try and fix the problem myself. Since I found a few threads in this forum during my online research complaining about it, I wanted to share a link in case any of you wanted to fix the problem. The application is called ThermoTweak:

    Another limitation I saw others complaining about was the lack of a customizable fan schedule, so I built that into ThermoTweak, as well. Once Nestís API supports their temperature sensors, Iím going to add a Sensor Schedule that gives more precise control of timing. (Itís crazy to me that Nest just has four time periods throughout the day, as if everyone in the world lives on the same schedule!)

    Does anyone here know of any other common complaints about Nest Thermostats that might be fixable programmatically? I just think we as consumers should have way more flexibility (especially for being a ďsmartĒ and relatively expensive thermostat), so Iím trying to make them more functional for people.

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    That's a neat app.

    I think Nest isn't doing these features as they view them as not conserving energy. They have some strange ideas of what a thermostat should be allowed to do.

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    Thanks, Stuff!

    Agreed. It doesn't make any sense to me that setting the differential would be a difficult change to implement on their end. To me, it should just be consumer choice.

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    One of my users mentioned that Nest's "Away" detection overrides his built-in temp schedule and he has a reminder set to adjust the temp an hour before he leaves work. So, I decided to overhaul the Fan Scheduler that I mentioned above.

    It’s now the Advanced Scheduler, and it can be used to set HVAC modes, temperatures or temperature ranges, as well as fan run times. It also lets you create multiple schedules and switch between them at any time (e.g. summer, winter, traveling, etc.).

    I wanted to mention it in case anyone who stumbles on this thread finds it handy!

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