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    I have a maze down in south California. It is beautiful, which sea is my neighbor and winds is my regular guest. However, I wanna redecorate the maze as I want to add modern or future element into it. I think natural elements are just too simple and far from enough. How do you guys think smart lock doors? Is it a good idea? And if so, I may need a great amount of smart locks. So now there is a Chinese smart locks manufacturer contact me and they do offer me a good price. This factory named Avent Security, is in Foshan, Guangdong, China. How do you guys think? Should I accept the offer? Should I concern the quality problem? Please help.

    Yeah they have a google website called Avent Security. And the way I think, they do a bad job on the website. Don't know about their product.

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    Here is the link of this so called Avent Security "" I will very much appreciate if you can hit me some advise.

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