* What is everyone using as a cooling deadband trip point? I'm currently using 2 degrees.
* Do you shut off mechanical cooling at the satisfied trip point, or do you add a bit of deadband to allow it to overcool a bit?
* I find that the display can round the temperature. My setpoint was 74 with a 2 degree deadband and the cooling wasn't running. The report showed that the actual temp was a tenth or so below 76 while the display said 76.
* I had difficulty wiring my humidistat to it because my humidifier was on a separate transformer. It would have been a whole lot easier if they had described ACC+ and ACC- as a dry contact in the 2 wire mode.
* my calibration is off. Cooling is adjusted +2 degrees and humidity is -6% in order to match my Fluke 971. And yes, I stuffed the hole were the wires come through the wall. Anyone else experience this?
* Can you adjust the range of the Home Away temp? Mine adjusted cooling up 9 degrees which I thought was a bit much.
* I found that when using the iPad app, you can't view the csv report file, BUT if you log into the ecobee.com site on that same iPad, you can view the report.

Liking this thing so far, I'm a DDC control guy by trade and I'm impressed with it so far. Especially in comparison to the features of the NEST that my son has.