Two weeks ago I installed an Ecobee 4 and really love it, but there is no swing setting or cycles per hour and in the middle of the night I get very warm because the unit won't start cooling until it's beyond the setpoint (I have it set to .5 degrees but the unit doesn't switch on the a/c until .8) which sometimes comes hours later, prompting me to manually lower the setting until the time that it gets too cold. Adding scheduled cooling periods in the middle of the night may have solved this problem, but the Ecobee only permits two schedule entries per hour (that is, hard coded 30 minute periods at a time). If I could schedule two, ten minute cooling periods per hour that would have sufficed.

Out of frustration I'm going to return the unit and continue my search for a unit which gives me more control and flexibility.

Does Honeywell offer any Smart units which have a cycles per hour or swing setting that I should look at? If not, any other suggestions?