This may be a smart-home question, but I thought I would start here.

I have a RedLINK installation in my house with 3 zones. The main board is the HZ432, wired to the Prestige THX9421R5021 (main floor). Wireless connection via THM4000R1000 adaptor to the internet gateway and two FocusPRO TH6320R1004. I purchased the house following an installation 2 years ago. The system appears to be connected correctly. I can watch the HZ432 respond to calls for heating/cooling/fan from the respective FocusPRO stats. Then reviewing the wireless menu on the HZ432 it shows the respective stats and their locations (basement & master bedroom). So for in-house functionality, I seem to be 100%.

My question is around using the Total comfort app and web portal. I can register the internet gateway and that provides visibility to the Prestige zone. However I do not via the app/portal have visibility to the FocusPRO zones.

Via the gateway, should I have app/portal visibility to those respective zones or not? If so, any advice on troubleshooting/reprogramming to gain visibility? If not, are there suggestions for different stats to use that would both provide visibility via the app/portal and still work the the HZ432?