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Thread: Nest and General Air 1137 Humidifier

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    Nest and General Air 1137 Humidifier

    Hi there, I just bought a 3rd Gen Nest which I am installing and I have a question regarding my whole home humidifier. I'm a little confused because I've read several different ways that this should be installed and I just want to make sure that I'm doing it correctly.

    The current installation has a 24v current sensing relay wrapped around the blower motor wire inside the furnace and spliced in between the humidistat, furnace and humidifier. I've seen other posts where people are told (granted with different humidifiers which may be the issue) that all I would need to do is connect 1 wire from the humidifier to the C terminal on the furnace and the other wire to the * terminal on the Nest. I haven't seen much talking about the current sensing relay and if it's required how it should be wired in with the Nest.

    Thanks for your help!

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    My best guess is that the current sensor was installed to insure that the humidifier would not run if the furnace fan was not running. You can remove the current sensor if you want to because the Nest should not call for the humidifer to run if it is not calling for the fan to run.

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