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Thread: thermostat different gauge wiring

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    thermostat different gauge wiring

    my current thermostat has 14 gauge wires connected to it and the wires are supplying 24 volts to the thermostat. i want to get a new thermostat but will need 18 gauge wires. since the voltage from the 14 gauge wires is 24, is it safe to nut new 18 gauge wires to the exist 14 gauge wires and then connect the 18 gauge wires to the new thermostat?

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    Typically larger wires on a thermostat indicate high voltage of 120vac or more. If you know for sure the exiting wiring has 24vac you could wire nut 18 gauge wire to 14 gauge wire. If you are not for sure about the voltage do not make the change.

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