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Thread: Nest 2.0 and Aprilaire 600?

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    Figured it out. Swapped the solenoid connection on the Supco 90293 from 5 to 2 and it is working great now! Already has the humidity from 30% to 35%.

    I appreciate all the help here! This forum is AWESOME!!!

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    What Version of Nest do you have?

    What version is your nest? When you go to the Humidity settings do you see actual values that say 5%, 10%, 15%, etc? My GEN3 does not show values.


    Quote Originally Posted by BClifford View Post
    After much procrastinating, I finally installed the humidifier. Got it physically installed, water line tapped in and connected, all electronics connected and powered up, and connected to Nest's * terminal. Did the Nest Pro setup and told it I have a humidifier. All seems great! No fire, no sparks, no pain (other than poking myself with sheet metal screws).

    However, there is one problem. It works exactly opposite of how it should. When the furnace is off, the water runs through the humidifier. When the furnace is on, the solenoid closes and no water. Nest shows 30% indoor humidity and is set for 40%. When furnace runs, it shows the water drops as if it thinks it is adding moisture. Any suggestions for what may be wired incorrectly? I promise that I really did triple check the wiring and it is wired as described in his thread.


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    Hi All,

    I went ahead and completed the installation of a new Aprilaire 600m, connected with the Industrial Grade 6AZU2 relay. I’ve read through every page of the thread and connected it as shown in the schematics using the relay:
    1. Connected to the C wire
    2. Connected to 24vac transformer
    3. “*” on the Nest
    4. Connected to yellow solenoid/humidifier
    - last yellow solenoid wire/humidifier connected directly to the 24vac transformer
    - 1&3 are the coil, 2&4 are the loa

    The Nest recognized the “*” wire addition and is setup to “humidifier”, “hum+heat” and to activate on fan. The humidifier turns on (after the furnace turns on) and starts when the fan blows. It all seems fine, however I’ve noticed it does not turn off after the furnace/fan turn off. The water keeps running and the solenoid does not close. If I flip off the fuse dedicated for the furnace, the water stops running. I thought it worked fine the first day, but maybe I just didn’t notice the water running

    Did I wire something incorrectly or is my nest programmed incorrectly? I’d appreciate your insights!


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    Chi Guy, did you get a resolution for this? Just read this full thread and I'm confident about the install. Ordered the Relay from Amazon today, so i have to wait till the weekend to get it finalized. I'll get the water run and unit installed ahead of time.
    The only thing I was not sure of with the drawings, and also the Nest drawings, is the use of the 24v Transformer that comes with the Aprilaire 600. I'm assuming at this point that I need it. I need to run a new wire up to my Nest for the * line.
    So I will run from the C terminal from the Goodman along with the * from the Nest to the Relay, and then connect the Solenoid along with the Transformer all together.
    Sounds like a plan, any feedback appreciated.


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