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Thread: Nest 2.0 and Aprilaire 600?

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    There are a LOT of whole house humidifiers used in my area.

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    I have secured a 6AZU2 Relay and am planning on wiring this up in the next day or two. Can you tell me once I get it wired, what will I need to do with the Nest to have it work with the humidifier properly? I know it will recognize the * wire is connected, will it then prompt me for humidifier information, or will I need to go into the Advanced settings menu to set something up there?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I believe you will need to go to advance menu. You may need to reset the Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa.

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    I wired everything up this evening and prior to connecting the * wire to the thermostat I connected it to a 24v source. When the furnace was running the relay coil closed the contacts and the solenoid opened as it should. Everything worked fine. I then connected the * wire to the thermostat and plugged Nest back in. It recognized I had the new wire and asked me for its purpose. I selected Humidifier from the list. It then advised me a pro setup was necessary and warned me before I continued. Upon continuing I was asked to verify each wire connected to the thermostat. When I got to the * wire it asked me to choose between humidifier only or humidifier us heat. I chose the latter as the humidifier only ran when the heat was on. If someone can verify this is correct I would appreciate.

    I finished the setup and turned the heat up. The furnace came on but the relay did not engage. However I am not sure if it should given the humidity already in the house. Is there a way to verify the humidifier is working?

    I started to google to see at what humidity a humidifier should turn on. I pulled my Nest wifi Thermostat app up on my iPhone to see the humidity in the house. This is when I now notice a humidifier switch next to my fan switch in the app. It was set to off. I assume I need to turn this switch On in order for the thermostat to control the humidifier. Is that correct? Is the purpose of the switch so the humidifier would not activate in the summer?

    I would appreciate if someone can verify my setting above for the * wire and the use of the On/Off switch for the humidifier button on my iPhone app.

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    I think you chose the correct seeing (hum with heat).

    I am not sure how the NEST control the humidifier. I am not willing to spend $250 on a nest just to play with it and figure it out. If my employer sold these stats the installed price would be over $500 so we don't have any at work either.

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    I discovered later last night that not only do I have a switch to turn the humidifier on and off, there is also a setting both in the app and on the Nest Thermostat to control how much moisture is put into the house. The app has a slide bar where you can set the amount, the Nest uses raindrops and when turning the dial, they get darker. My humidifier pads should show up today. When I get them, I will finish prepping the humidifier and turn the switch on through the Nest to see if it works properly.

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