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Thread: Two humidistats control one humidifier

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    The humidifier does not have its own thermostat. It is being controlled by the Ecobee thermostat. Before I installed the Ecobee on the lower level, the humidifier (which has solenoid valve 616-1220N-2, MOPD 125, 2.3 Watts, 24/60 Volts, Orifice 3/32) was controlled by a humidistat located next to the original thermostat. When setting up the Ecobee, I selected 2 wire for the humidifier and connected the wires that were going to the humidistat to the ACC+ and ACC- on the Ecobee. The wires connected to the ACC+ and ACC- run to the transformer located near the furnace control board and to the solenoid valve. I think what happens is when the furnace is running, the transformer is energized. Then, if the Ecobee calls for humidity based on the settings, it closes the loop so that the solenoid valve opens and allows water to enter the humidifier (Lennox model HCWB2-12).

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    Anyone able to help with this question? I know it is quite involved and may not be possible, but with the electronics out there these days, it should be.

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    Using the wiring diagram below you would need two relays. The existing Ecobee wiring for the fan, cooling and heating would remain the same. With this wiring you will need to change your Ecobee setup to a single wire humidifier. At the bottom of this post there are two different relays you could use. The pam-1 relay may be easier to use.
    Two Ecobee thermostats controlling one humidifier

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    Thanks so much! I will give this a try and let you know how it works out.

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