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Thread: WiFi stat for a Tekmar radiant system?

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    WiFi stat for a Tekmar radiant system?

    Hi. Looking to replace my existing t-stat with a wi-fi stat for remote temperature control and monitoring of a vacation home. I currently have a Tekmar Tn4 system. Although the stat only controls relay in a zone board, if the "Tn4" wire is not connected to the stat, nothing controls the boiler water temp, allowing cold water to be circulated. Tekmar has new wi-fi stats available, but are not compatible with my existing Tn4 control panel. Changing everything would be over $1000 for just the 1 zone. Any thoughts?

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    You could mount the old thermostat near the controller and only use the TN4, R, and C wires. Then in parallel use R, C, W for the new wifi thermostat. A bit of a compromise as you couldn't control the boiler temp itself remotely, just room temperature.

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    Thanks for the reply, I was kind of thinking in that direction. I was also thinking of adding a remote room sensor to the tekmar t-stat. It would not control the actual room zone, but would maybe "fake' the controller on room temps? I think the only issue I perceive is when I put the Wi-fI stat in away mode (maybe like 50-degrees?) the tekmar controller would keep the water temps higher to try to maintain a 70-degree room temp? I also have a second floor hvac system which is not radiant / Tekmar, and would like the 2 new stats to be the same. Any thoughts on recommended stats? Need cell phone control/monitoring, Alexa etc. is not a priority. Thank you for your help.

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    What's your budget for this, Schu? Have you done anything so far?

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