I just had a new furnace installed Armstrong Air 96% two stage variable speed... I have the Honeywell RTH9580WF thermostat.

A couple of potential issues... one the indoor temperature and set temperature are always the same when heat is on... I would think the indoor temp would be lower in order to kick the furnace on but that never happens... Iím assuming once the ambient temp drops below the set temp the furnace kicks in

Secondly the two stage furnace by default has the first stage run for the first 12 minutes then if the desired temp isnít met the second stage kicks in. The temperature outside right now where I live is 32. I like to have the indoor temp at 69. The furnace runs for the full 12 min plus another 10 min under second stage... seems a little much to have the furnace run under both stages given the temperature outside... i assumed that only the first stage would run and not have second stage kick in for that mild outside temperature? Anybody have similar findings with their 2 stage furnace? Should I reset my thermostat and start the setup again? I did have an old Lennox pulse system before.