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Thread: 3 zone heat, 2 zone a/c???

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    3 zone heat, 2 zone a/c???

    Hey guys, Iím a total HVAC newbie, so bare with me...

    I just closed on a house recently and would like to update the thermostats. The heating system is oil fuel, hot water to baseboard radiators while the a/c is a newerish central air set-up running through the basement and attic.

    On my last house I had 2 heat zones (no a/c) and ran Nest thermostats and did like them very much. I really do believe they helped me on my heating costs. Unless you guys feel there is a better thermostat?

    In this new house I have 3 heat zones running on what looks to be original thermostats (1969) and 2 a/c zones on more recent thermostats.

    The heat zones are kitchen, living room and the third being upstairs in the master bedroom.

    A/C zones are one in the dining room near the front door and the second in the upstairs hallway.

    What Iím confused about is how I can run Nest thermostats (or similar) with this set-up, do I really have to buy 5 thermostats?!

    Could I possibly move the heat thermostat wiring to where the a/c thermostat wiring is and then run 3 modern thermostats?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    You will need to find out what the control signal is (24vac, millivolt or line voltage 120/240) on your heat thermostats prior to determining what it will take to combine the heat and A/C thermostats together.

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