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Thread: Ecobee4 Wiring

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    Ecobee4 Wiring

    I have a question about the wiring. I have a Peerless oil burner and I am going to be using Ecobee4 thermostat to control it. I haven't installed the thermostat yet.

    Downstairs- RH (white) and W/B (Black) wire.

    Upstairs- RC jump RH (Red). RH (Yellow). Y/O (Black). W/B (Black) wire

    I am not sure what W/B wire is and what Y/O is. The instructions don't have these wires listed and the backplate doesn't have these letters on it. The existing thermostat works just fine with these wires but I am not sure the purpose of them.


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    Do you know if your system has a zone controller?

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    Please explain on what you mean by "zone controller"? I have two zones , 1- downstairs and 1 - upstairs. I have two separate boxes that control each zone. One box controls all downstairs and 2nd box controls all upstairs.

    My goal would be to have an Ecobee for downstairs and an Ecobee for upstairs.

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    I was thinking that you had a zone controller because HVAC terminals that are destinated as both Y/O or W/B is not typical. Can you add some pictures of your system (thermostat terminals, thermostat model number, pictures of the box)?

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