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Thread: Why is furnace running?

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    Why is furnace running?

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    Hopefully you can see the attached photo. Just installed my first ecobee (4). CurrentLy in “Home” which sets the heat to 65. Temp is actually 67.....yet the furnace is running - it ran until the temp was 70. Why did it run if the set temp was 65 and current temp was 67. I have a sensor in another room. But that sensor is only set to control “Sleep” - which is three hours away. I have “Follow me” disabled. The main thermostat only participates in “Home” and “Away”. The room sensor is the only sensor assigned to “Sleep”. Thanks.

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    I'm having a similar issue. My night setting changes the heat point to 55 at 11pm. Every night this sets correctly, and the indoor temp gradually falls until it gets to around 60 sometime near 4am, when the furnace kicks on until it gets back up to 65. I can't tell if it's the temp or the time that is triggering it as the temp seems to get to the same spot at the same time each morning. No idea why this is happening, except that my system monitor shows data loss whenever this takes place.
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    @Dhilbe, I emailed ecobee about my problem, and they helped me fix it. I'm not sure if the info is relevant to yours, but when you look at your System Monitor, either online or through the app, do you see gaps in the time line? That was my problem, and was due to the furnace intermittently cutting power to the +24VAC circuit (the C wire). This was causing my ecobee to reboot, and when it did so, would boot into on mode.

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