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Thread: Emerson 1F86 0244 help!

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    Emerson 1F86 0244 help!

    Hello all, this is my first post and I need some guidance. I am by no means an AC guy, I just do some handy work for my family. Basic stuff. My mother in law needed to replace an old Emerson thermostat that had terminals in a ring shape. We bought the Emerson 1F86 0244. A basic and what looked like an equivalent thermostat.

    I'm having a problem with the connections though. I can get AC but the current connection I have doesn't give heat. Here's what we had to what I'm using now:

    Old Emerson
    L: orange wire, E: red wire, W2: white wire, Y: lime green wire, O/B: blue wire, R: dark red wire, G: green wire, C: black wire

    New Emerson
    C: black, G: green, O: empty, Y: lime green, RC: jumper to RH which has dark red wire, B: blue, W: white

    Like I said I get AC but no heat. The system turns on and I hear air blowing but it doesn't get hot. Please help!

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    move the blue to O. otherwise make sure to program the thermostat to say that it is a heat pump.

    Something not right as the1F86-0244 doesn't have a B terminal or separate Rh/Rc. It has a single O/B with a switch on left to tell it to function as an O or B.
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    My apologies, she sent me a pic. It's an Emerson 1F86-344

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    Now makes some sense. Blue does go to B (usually Ruud or Rheem system outside). That thermostat needs a jumper added between Y and W for heat pump applications. See figure 7:

    Note the white (aux heat) is not supported with that thermostat. It should still have given electric heat when you tested so maybe there are no heat coils in the system.
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    Hey there, just wanted to follow up. Your suggestion worked. She has heat and AC!

    Thanks again!!

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